Android GCM Push Notification setup manual

Catapush uses native Push Notification as a component of its reliable and secure push message delivery system.

After GCM Setup please go to Android Reliable Push Notification Library / SDK Code.

Here are the instructions on how to set up the Android GCM / FCM Cloud push notification services.


Google API Console

1 - On the Google Developers page, click on "Pick a platform".


Project number

2 - In the platform selection page, click on "Android App".


Enabling Google Cloud Messaging

3 - Fill the form with the requested info. Then click on "Choose and configure services".


Creating server key

4 - Select the "Cloud Messaging" icon, then click on "ENABLE GOOGLE CLOUD MESSAGING"


API key

5 - Now you have the Server API Key and the Sender ID for your App.


Save your Server API Key and copy it into Your App settings for Android on Catapush Dashboard, and store you ​google-services.json​ into your project app/ folder.


Go to Android Library/SDK quickstart.