Android FCM Push Notification setup manual

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for Android setup

Catapush uses native Push Notification as a component of its reliable and secure push message delivery system.

After FCM Setup please go to Android Reliable Push Notification Library / SDK Code.

Here are the instructions on how to setup FCM in Android for enabling push notification services.


1 - Visit page and click on "Add project", then type a project name and choose a country/region

Firebase API Console


2 - Select "Add Firebase to your Android app".

Project number


3 - Fill the form with the requested info: type your app package in "Android package name" and add an optional "App nickname". Finally, confirm with "Register app" button.

Enabling Firebase Messaging


4 - Now click on "Download google-services.json" button and press "Next". Complete step 3 by clicking "Next" and step 4 by clicking "Skip this step" if you want to skip the app verification procedure.

Creating server key


5 - Open the "Project settings" page by clicking on the gear icon.

API key


6 - In the "Cloud Messaging" tab you can find the Server Key and the Sender ID.

API key


Firebase Cloud Messaging setup is now complete.


Go to Android Library/SDK quickstart.