Apple APNs Push Notification setup manual

Catapush use Voip Push Notifications (PushKit) as a component of its reliable and secure push message delivery system.

Here are the instructions on how to set up the Apple APN Push Notifications Services, to setup the system correctly you have to create a certificate on iOS Dev Center, export it and upload on Catapush Dashboard.

Step 1 - Creating an app ID

Log in to the iOS Dev Center and click on the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

Go to Identifiers > App IDs.

Add a new App ID clicking the "+" button.

Under App ID Description enter the Name of your application, for example: "My Application Name".

Registering App ID

Figure 1 - Registering and naming iOS App ID


Under "App ID Suffix" make sure "Explicit App ID" is selected.

Enter the the Bundle ID of your app.

Image of App ID suffix

Figure 2 - Entering a Bundle identifier for the App ID


Step 2 - Generating Voip Certificate

Once you have created your application id, select "All" in the "Certificates" section on your left and click "+" button.

App ID suffix

Make sure to select "VoIP Service Certificate" and press "Continue" button.

App Services

Figure 3 - Marking VoIP Services Certificate checkbox


Select the "My Application Name" application created in previous step and press "Continue" button.

App ID suffix

Now you should see the following page

App ID suffix


Step 3 - Generating a certificate request

You must generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) so that you can use it to request the certificate, you can do it by using the Keychain Access application.

Click on Certificate Assistant, and then Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority.

Certificate request generation

Figure 5 - Generating a certificate request


Enter the required information and choose the "Saved to disk" option.

When you click Continue, you will be able to save the certificate request using the name suggested by the system then you can upload it in the previous window.

Certificate saving

Figure 6 - Saving a certificate


Step 4 - Creating APNs certificates

After you're done the wizard, you can download the certificate which you have created. A double-click on the certificate that you downloaded will start the installation process in the Keychain Access application. This certificate will be used by Catapush so it can contact the APNs in order to send push notifications to your application. Launch the Keychain Access application from your local Mac and from the login section, filter by the "Certificates" category. You will see an entry called "VoIP Services:" with the bundle of your application. Expand this entry, select both the certificates: "VoIP Services:" and the private key, then right click on them and choose "Export 2 items"

Exporting the APNs certificate from the Keychain Access application

Figure 11 - Exporting the APNs certificate from the Keychain Access application


Choose ".p12" file format from the dropdown menu and save the file somewhere where you can access it. You could enter the password for exporting (the field can be left empty, if you choose to use a password then the same password must be entered on the Catapush Dashboard).

Exporting certificate file as p12 file format

Figure 12 - Exporting certificate file as ".p12" file format


Entering the password for protecting exported files (can be empty)

Figure 13 - Entering the password for protecting exported files (can be empty)


Go to iOS Library/SDK quickstart.