Add reliable
push notification
to your app

Push notification
and delivery status
sent even with
connection dropout

Process automation, system

real time interconnection

Programmatically send and track push messaging worldwide. Build intelligent messaging logic in your mobile applications over the internet from one API.

  • Connect mobile messaging notification to your system, app or CRM to support any business process transition where it is necessary to associate communication. Eg. any process status change or when follow up actions are required.
  • Create automated push messaging which are going to be triggered under predefined rules in real-time.
  • Interconnect via simple easy to use RESTful API.
  • Catapush system can be associated to an SMS fallback system to ensure universal service and additional system reliability for urgent messages.

A reliable push messaging platform

Basic push notifications do not work for reliable communication running a business process from a mobile app.

Message and delivery receipts can be lost when smartphones lose connectivity (home/office areas, elevator, basement, tunnel, subway, train, etc.).

IP network does not automatically support message queuing to ensure delivering even in dead zone.

Catapush mobile platform send APNs and GCM push notifications even with mobile connection dropouts ensuring delivery of important messages and receipts.

How Catapush works

Your System


Mobile Gateway




in background

Catapush messaging platform made up of API, push mobile gateway and mobile app libraries for iOS and Android.

Everything you need to make
your push reliable and traceable

3 easy steps to start sending push


In a few hours integrate our iOS and Android libraries to enable reliable push in your app


Use our Rest API to send push messages to your users directly from your system


Let us handle the messaging backend while you focus on the service creation and inapp experience

Rely on robust cloud infrastructure


Zero maintenance windows and a 99,9% uptime are possibile with load balacing and failover.


Increase or reduce usage as you need. Pay as you go and never worry about hardware upgrades.


Data transfers encrypted with TLS/SSL 256 Bits all way through your user app

A reliable and secure messaging platform scaling from one to millions of messages without changing a line of code. Premium support 24X7 with a 1-hour SLA available on request.