Explore examples of push notification uses into mobile experience


Transaction & security alerts

Notify your customers about transactions (i.e. credit and prepaid cards, wire transfer, withdrawal, ...) is the best way to protect you against fraud and to keep customers informed about their activities in real time.

Push notifications for ETA Alerts

Service notifications (ETA, ...)

Estimated arrival time dynamically calculated and arrival confirmations, field service, and order tracking system means more informed, available customers and a lower number of redeliveries needed.

push notification fast contact example

Emergency Alerts

Push notifications let government and public entities (cities, civil protection, universities, etc) sends emergency alerts, notifications and updates to citizen devices. The system enables the public administration to provide citizen critical information in situations such as traffic conditions, government and school closures, public safety incidents and severe weather.

Appointment Reminders using push messages

Appointment Reminders

Push messaging reminders can be automated and customized to reduce no-shows and be directly embedded in companies reservation systems (e.g. Hospital, etc)

Dispatch Notifications using push messages

Dispatch Notifications

Leverage push messages for coordinating with the field using automated push notification from existing service management system besides SMS dispatch (e.g. Ecommerce, etc)

Visual Customer Request with push notifications image attachment

Visual Customer request

Customers can send push messages to technical, customer service and management teams with images of what needs to be resolved or addressed which can then be embedded into work order details (e.g. Insurance, utility etc)

Automated Surveys using push notifications

CRM Real Time Interactions

Receive customers/citizen feedback
easily and integrate it directly with existing CRM and customer databases (e.g. Service, etc)