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We are ingrained in the Web and Mobile ecosystems to an extent where we've developed proprietary systems and provide innovative messaging solutions and push services. We help enterprises and business customers to stay ahead with more effective operational messaging solution and reducing costs.

About us - Catapush

We put customer first

  • We take care of the messy mobile messaging and expose a globally available cloud API that developers can interact with to build intelligent communications systems that react in real time.
  • We've built shock absorbing capabilities so your app development project doesn't suffer. It just takes few hours to integrate!
  • We lay strong emphasis on business continuity through cloud architecture and robust processes saving your project from time lapses.
  • As your app's communication usage scales up or down, we scale with you. You only pay for what you use.
  • You can rely on us for insights and strategy. We are mobile strategy thought leaders, with our columns spanning across International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, TED, Sky,...

An experienced team in mobile instant messaging solution A2P since 2008 thanks to Skebby

Stefano Quintarelli | Catapush

Stefano Quintarelli


Founder Rialto VC. President Steering Committee Italy Digital Agency, Ex Member of Italian Parliament. Director Digital Media of Il Sole24Ore, Founder di i.Net led to €720 Mln IPO and then sold to BT.

Luigi<br>Orsi Carbone | Catapush

Orsi Carbone

Co-founder & CEO

Co-founder Skebby. Founder and CEO Planetwork and Retelit (ex ePlanet) led to a €600 Mln IPO. Former Board Member of Italia Startup, Mind the Bridge, Lansdowne Partners. Mckinsey Engagement Manager

Davide<br>Marrone | Catapush


Co-founder & CTO

Co-founder Skebby, Software architect & developer, IT security expert. MS in computer science.

25+ Products Developed

product_developed.pngNative Apps

Technology Stack Experts

Amazon Web Services

3 Mln Mobile App Users Worldwide

and over 50.000 SMEs and 1.350 large enterprises served with I.Net, Retelit, Skebby,...


5 Successfull Startup Exit

startup_exit.pngSuccessfull Tech entrepreneurs with 2 IPO under belt I.Net and Retelit with over €1.3 Bn in market cap and 3 Trade Sales

4 Awards

4_awards.pngRated among Top 30 Italian Innovators by Corriere della Sera, Best Entrepreneurial Idea at Start Cup, Italian Computer Scientist of the Year, IT Security Olympics Team Member in Las Vegas

Digital pioneers & Thought leaders

digital_pioneer.pngBoard member in 9 among association and no profit organizations in digital technology, security and startups (Clusit, AIIP, Italia Startup,..).

Power Advisors & Mentors

power_advisor.pngSenior Advisors to 4 Government (Italy, Uzbekistan...) and more than 10 multinationals and large enterprises (AT&T, Nynex Mobile, Tim, Vodafone, IlSole24Ore, Seat PG, ..)

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