The best push notification features in an elegant API

Push notifications & in app messaging

Catapush goes beyond standard Android FCM/HMS and Apple APNs “best effort” push services providing a proprietary real time connection with devices using XMPP protocol for more reliable and faster message delivery and statuses tracking.

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Push notifications & In App Messaging

Guaranteed Delivery

Message store, forward and retry mechanisms allow the delivery of push messages even under critical situations.

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Guaranteed Delivery

Delivery statuses tracking

Detailed delivery information is provided about each message sent in real time for building applications that react. Add delivery statuses tracking to your push messaging and get timestamps for message sent, delivered, opened/read.

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Delivery Status Tracking


End-to-end encryption support keeps your communication secure: only you can have access to your messages

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Push personalization

Personalize messages with your data and avoid sending standard messages to all your users. Transmit rich media and data objects for building a smarter, in app experience.

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Push Personalization

2Way Communication

Receive replies to push messages sent or interact with your customers via a private in-chat experience 

2Way Communication

SMS Fallback (optional)

Leverage SMS fallback to reach users when data connectivity is not available and make your communication work anywhere, anytime.

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SMS Fallback

Catapush vs competing push messaging systems

Push notification system features
Content delivery and reliable channel
- Dedicated real time background channel (XMPP)
- Apple APNs & Android FCM / HMS best effort services
(App wake up if offline)
Customizable message validity period/retrying mechanisms
Single message status tracking

(including read)
End-to-end encryption support
Rich media and long text support
Text personalization with variable/massive sending
Message inbox
2Way communication via API
SMS fallback
(via API)
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