How to make Catapush work

Catapush Architecture and Operating modes

Catapush is a reliable push notifications delivery API. Thanks to a standalone push notification gateway, independent of Android FCM, HMS and iOS APNs services, Catapush maintains a proprietary real time direct connection with devices using the XMPP protocol, thus sending push faster, having the ability to deliver messages under critical situations and provide delivery status tracking in real time.

Integrate our mobile libraries/SDKs in your app

Mobile libraries/SDKs, built for native mobile apps, brings all Catapush notifications features into your mobile app.
In order to start sending push notifications and interacting with your mobile app users, follow the instructions below:

Android FCM/HMS


iOs APNs
Additional platforms

Platform already supported:

Call our Rest API - Quickstart

The Catapush push notification Quickstart shows how to quickly build an application that sends push notifications and in app messages using Catapush's REST API for FCM APNs.

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Rest API Documentation

If you're integrating our API into your website or backend system, take a look at our REST request & response API documentation. See how quick and simple is adding a reliable push functionality to your app. Just copy and paste our fully working code examples for the most widely used languages, such as PHP and ASP.NET, and in a few minutes you'll be ready to use our API to start sending reliable push notifications.