Value added partners | Catapush

Our value added partners are system integrators, developers or technology platforms who integrates our messaging solution either into their own platform or into the system of their enterprise customers

Becoming a value added partner is totally free of charges and enable you to:

  • Sell the leading real time and secure messaging solution.
  • Access to the Catapush solutions integrated in your system or into the one you developed for your customers.
  • Not have to worry about contractual and service support. Our SDK is directly integrated into your customer mobile app, we handle the contractual and invoice transactions and provide them with first level support and service level agreement.
  • Earn up to 20% recurring commission on invoiced paid by your customers.
  • Earn consulting and professional fee for development and integration services.
White Label program | Catapush

Our white label resellers are technology and communication solution providers wishing to integrate our messaging solution into their own platform

Access to the White Label program is totally free of charges and enable you to:

  • Resell our leading real time and secure messaging solution.
  • Provide the Catapush platform integrated and wrapped in your own IT solution as integrated services and provide them to your customers as white label & customizable solution.
  • Earn high margin recurring revenue; we charge you a wholesale cost and you mark it up as you see fit. You can also charge for solution implementation and ongoing support.
  • Decrease integration and vendor management complexity by acting as one integrated solution/service provider.
  • Maintain sole contractual relationship and keep full control of your enterprise customer.
  • Exploit high-level quality standards, including enhanced second level support and service level agreement (SLLA).
  • Comply with GDPR subprocessor DPA.

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