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How consumers consider push notifications: Doxa market research results

Apr 26, 2016 9:59:35 AM / by Catapush Team

Push notifications are a valuable tool. They can help you communicate important information to your users. But in order to do that, you need to get past a big hurdle: the push notification permission request. According to Doxa market research, the good news is that about 21% of mobile users will choose to allow push notifications when they first launch your app. The bad news is that the other 79% is up for grabs. Of that group, 31% percent say that they will opt in for push notifications if they understand the type of message they are going to receive.


That means there is a huge opportunity to optimize your opt in strategy and capture these incremental users.

The research is clear the key to drastically increasing your opt in rate is to provide useful information or service via push notifications and in-app messages. Users don't want to be flooded with more marketing messages. You need to make it clear that you aren't going to annoy them with yet another promotion.

We'll show you how to do this and give you some guidelines.


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