Receive replies to messages sent or received request

Receive replies to push messages sent or interact with your customers via a private in-chat experience

The Receive Push Messages / 2Way service allows you to receive push messages from mobile app directly on your system through a HTTP / Rest / Soap call. When a push message is received, a server-to-server (S2S) call will be made from Catapush to your preferred URL address.

2Way communication features include:

  • receive replies to push message sent or end user communication request
  • forward message reply to different internal endpoint
  • enable multiple incoming real time conversation channels to improve productivity (eg. chat with Sales, Support, Administration)
  • enrich incoming messages with images, PDF and context
  • enable customers and agents to interact with your service rep directly from your mobile app
  • build advanced interactive services & messaging bot/AI

Discover how easy is to activate the 2Way push messaging services.