Push notification tracking with real time message delivery status and confirmation

Detailed delivery information is provided about each message sent in real time for building applications that react. Add delivery status tracking to your push messages including timestamp of message enqueued, sent, delivered, opened, etc...

Push Delivery Reports

  • Delivery report for each single push message status and related timestamp:
    • Sent
    • Delivered on the mobile terminal
    • Open / Read
    • If an error occurs type of delivery error (ex. number not valid)
  • Push notification delivery receipt report includes timestamp (date/hour) of each message status being notified
  • Programmatically adjust logic based on delivery success
  • Receive the report status (proof of delivery) for each message sent
  • View and filter each message report status in real time then use that information in your system / CRM to react.
Tracking push delivery statuses has never been so easy as with Catapush!