Mobile Push Message queuing, retry and expiry mechanism

Message store, forward and retry mechanisms allow the delivery of push messages even under critical situations.

Message store, forward and retry mechanisms

  • Automatic queuing of concurrent messages with message queuing capability
  • Messages not received will be stored for future delivery until the end user become available
  • Message validity period variable and customizable (from 1 min to 48h): choose expiry time when you want the system to stop retrying to send your push message to an undeliverable recipient or an expired message

Other dispatch reliability mechanisms

  • Full integration with Android FCM, HMS and Apple APNS as fallback if app is offline
  • Content can be retrieved from the server when not inserted in the push notification
  • Content is stored locally in the mobile app

Real time delivery statuses

  • Receive message delivery confirmation and real time statuses all the way back to your system via callback