Personalize your push notifications with your data and rich content

Personalize your push notifications and in app messages with your data and avoid sending standard messages to all your users. Transmit rich media and data objects for building a smarter, in app experience.

Personalization features include:

  • Use a name or a number as the sender ID for your messages, E.g. show "CATAPUSH"
  • Push personalization by choosing notification type (E.g. alert, badge, sound), push sender id, text preview up to 256 characters or type of rich content sent E.g. Image or HTML/URL
  • Format message content with non-English language and characters and/or adding rich media E.g. Picture Messaging. With Catapush you can send:
    • Rich (Image, PDF, HTML)
    • URL (HTTP link)
  • Exploit long message support up to 10.000 characters concatenated in a single message (or up to 1.600 characters assemble into one message if you use the SMS fallback option)
  • Customize text for different recipients with variable [text] for massive sending as well. With Catapush you can send custom messages which will be personalized automatically with any information you'd like E.g. customer "first name", "last name", "age", "gender", "city", "agent", "phone number" etc. Simply create your message and select which parts are to be automatically filled in.
  • Message personalization provided by Catapush technology can significantly improve your users' reaction rates!

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