Use Push and save up to 90% in SMS costs

As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses are realizing the importance of mobile communication in reaching out to their customers. Banks and large enterprises are no exception, as they already rely heavily on SMS messaging to communicate important updates to their customers.

However, the cost of SMS messaging can be quite expensive, and they are always looking for ways to reduce their costs while maintaining reliability and security.

This is where Catapush comes in - a push notification solution that can help banks save up to 90% on their SMS costs while maintaining the same level of reliability and improving security and user experience.

In this guide we discuss the benefits of using Catapush and how large enterprises can migrate from SMS to Catapush notifications.

In particular we show how Unicredit, Europe 7th largest bank, has been using Catapush instead of SMS for sending card payment alerts, OTPs for Strong Authentication, saving over €10.000.000/year in SMS costs.

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