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Examples of service Push notifications in your sector

Jun 8, 2016 11:00:00 AM / by Catapush Team

So what exactly do service / transactional push notifications look like?

It depends on your industry, but here are some real examples of how these can be used in your app.

transaction_security_alerts.pngService communications
Banks and credit card companies can leverage push messages to keep customers apprised of account transactions. They can notify customers when there are withdrawals, transfers or any other important account changes. Push notifications can also help combat fraud and identity theft. With real time notifications, customers will know right away if there are unauthorized transactions on their account. Transportation businesses can provide info related to the estimated time of arrival of a bus. An online publisher can push breaking news and headlines.


cata-dispatch_notifications.pngShipping and eCommerce Reminders
More and more people are making purchases online. Thanks to services like Amazon Prime, customers want to know when their packages are shipped and when they will be delivered.

With push notifications, you can automatically keep all your customers in the loop. Let them know when their package is out for delivery and the ETA of the driver carrying it.



cata-emergency_alerts.pngEmergency notifications and alerts
Government agencies can send alerts and notifications to keep citizens updated during an emergency. These can be anything from alerts on traffic conditions, to school closures or severe weather notifications.

cata-appointment_reminder.pngAppointment reminders or alerts
Healthcare providers ­­ like hospitals, dentists, or other medical centers ­­ can send push notifications to patients for appointment reminders to help minimize no­shows or last minute cancellations. These can even be set up so patients can respond and either confirm their appointment or reschedule.

cata-automated_survey.pngCRM/Customer Care Chat
Customer service managers can use push notifications as an additional channel to reach out to their customers for feedback. For example, they can send their customers a brief survey based on a recent interaction or ask for a review. Customers can text to reply, and their response can then be stored in your CRM and used to identify customer segments.


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