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Move on! Level up your Push Notifications

Feb 2, 2016 3:39:38 PM / by Catapush Team

A few days ago, Parse announced they are shutting down the servers next year. There has been panic among developers, looking for exit strategies and alternatives.

Those who were using Parse for its storage features are now probably looking at Firebase or Couchbase for a Parse alternative. Those who were using Parse for its Push Notification API are probably falling back to pure FCM/APNs solutions.



At Catapush, we think that this could be a great opportunity to move your push notification architecture from "fire and forget" to a reliable and traceable architecture. Leave the old idea that push notifications can be expendable and embrace the new possibilities that Catapush can bring into your apps: guaranteed and timely delivery of your relevant message

Reliable, traceable and real time push notification now

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