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Strategies to recover users that have opted out your push notifications

May 17, 2016 5:24:00 PM / by Catapush Team

Strategies to recover users that have opted out.

No matter how effective your opt in optimization strategy, you are always going to have a group of users that still choose to opt out of receiving push notifications. It’s significantly harder to win back these users, but it is possible. Here’s how to do it:

1. Show users what they're missing. Use in app messaging to target users that have opted out and show them what they are missing. Focus on demonstrating useful, timely content that they could receive through push notifications. Users likely won't sign up if they think you are going to send them more promotions, so make sure you are delivering valuable messages. You can make an even more compelling case if you show users that it's important that they get these messages right away via push.

2. Create opportunities to opt in. Use in app messaging to deliver valuable information, and then ask users to enable push notifications. Timing is important. You want to ask users to opt in after they have received valuable information. That way they are far more likely to think of your push notifications as useful and to take action to sign up.

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