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With superior push notifications, you don’t have to choose between reliable and affordable

Mar 17, 2016 7:51:11 PM / by Catapush Team

If you’re developing or managing an app, you’ve probably run into this problem before.

You need to send transactional push notifications to the users of your app. Maybe you’re shipping orders and need to give an estimated time of arrival for a package. Or you’re a bank and need to deliver notifications for credit card transactions.



The messages are important, so you need to make sure they are reliably delivered to the right people in real time. You could use a native Apple or Google push service to send messages. It’s cheap. But standard push messages aren’t perfect. They can be unreliable, especially if your users are in a place with limited data connectivity – like inside a tunnel or in an elevator. And other push notification providers based on standard push service are “best effort” too. Your users count on your push messages. It’s part of your service. You can’t afford to miss one. Luckily native push notifications aren’t the only option for mobile communication.


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If reliability is important, you could use SMS to send notifications. But reliability has a price. SMS is expensive. Every single message that is sent to each individual user costs you money. That can add up quickly. Before you know it, you’re spending a small fortune just to communicate with your users. And you still don’t know whether or not your message was actually read. You can’t even attach an image or video to it and users can’t reply to it

Up until recently, you faced this dilemma when sending transactional push notifications. You were forced to choose between the low cost native push notifications and the reliable, expensive and limited feature SMS notifications.

Now with Catapush you can get a reliable, traceable and affordable push notifications solution.

The technology is innovative, and the idea is simple. Catapush lets you send transactional push notifications with guaranteed, faster delivery. We don’t rely on standard push notification services -- we’ve created our own proprietary real time channel (XMPP) for content delivery. It’s completely new and totally separate from the standard OS “best effort” push notifications or standalone SMS messaging.

Plus you get real time tracking for each delivery status:  for each message you can see when was sent, when it was delivered and when read.

And if a push notification can’t be sent, Catapush can automatically resend an SMS to the user as a fallback if you so choose.

You get peace of mind knowing your important messages are delivered. With Catapush' push notification service, you can take full control of your push notifications.

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