Send Push Notifications even if you don't have your app

Catapush Messenger - Catapush

Catapush Messenger is a simple, reliable and traceable mobile messaging app which allow you to send users real time messages without having to pay for SMS.

Ideal for companies and public entities who don’t have a mobile app yet and want to send targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages to their users. 

SMEs, professionals or public services can send urgent push to staff, members and citizens directly to their mobile phones.

How it works

Don't have a mobile app yet? Ask your your clients, users and staff to install Catapush Messenger and exploit your own thirdparty XMPP reliable channel for push notifications.

Your business will be able to send real time single and massive push notifications to any device.
It's the easiest setup for push notifications... without any SDK integration!


Available for Android

  • Build your app ready for push notification (soon available in white label)
  • Free and cross platform: iPhone, Android
  • A blank ios and android app with push notification ready channel.
  • Guaranteed and faster delivery for each single message with real-time delivery status tracking and confirmation.
  • Instant reading of your push messages
  • Rich media support: long text, HTML, Images, Attachments, Videos
  • 2 Way communication for interacting with your users and SMS fallback as additional options



Start now for free!

  1. Sign up  for Catapush for free
  2. Get your clients, staff and agents to download the Catapush Messenger app from the app stores and login with their phone number
  3. Use our web interface or integrate your application / web server via API and start using the service for free.