A real time messaging IP channel for push notifications

Catapush goes beyond FCM/HMS and APNs “best effort” push services providing proprietary real time background connection with devices using XMPP protocol for guaranteed and real time in app / push delivery and message statuses tracking

Real time connection with devices (XMPP) for guaranteed and secure dispatch handling

  • Real-time dedicated background channel for message delivery always attempted first
  • Mobile devices are notified when new messages are received.
  • Supports Android (FCM and HMS) and Apple (APNs) as fallback if app is offline.
  • Single or massive message sending / up to 100.000 messages sent simultaneously with a single request.
  • Messages are securely encrypted between the client and the cloud / HTTP connection, SSL 128 bit encryption.

Fast push notification delivery with dedicated IP Push messaging

  • Send 2X faster push notifications via a direct real time channel
  • Go beyond FCM, HMS and APNs “best effort” push notification delivery speed

Intelligent and easy contact management

  • Routing message to a mobile number or a provided client ID, our system manage token variation automatically
  • Filter / blacklist for wrong number / double contacts

Customizable sending option

  • Set dispatch delivery in a future or repeated date (ex. every week)
  • Option to cancel dispatch at any time via API
  • Send push notification by event
  • Send push notification to specific devices
  • Catapush Cloud Mobile Gateway stores and delivers to you single message's status report

Catapush: the highly reliable push and in app messaging company

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