Business Messenger

"Your Brand" Messenger

White label Messenger is our innovative and comprehensive instant messaging app designed and
customized for private and public enterprise or association customers which don't have a mobile app
yet. Create a version, skin, language & settings of our powerful Business Messenger under your own
to suit your specific needs and augment your engagement and retention.

Business Messenger | Catapush

Available on iOS | Catapush Android | Catapush

Why using a Customizable Messenger?

  1. A customized messaging app, with own logo and branding, better suit your specific business needs.
  2. Our White-label Messenger give you the tools to effortlessly implement a messaging app your users love.
  3. Message your users directly in your app. A premium messaging experience is in your app.
  4. Propel user engagement, retention, and conversion with a customized messaging app.
  1. Captivate your customers and community with private messaging - from one user to million.
  2. A simplified web interface for single or massive message sending without any backend integration.
  3. Exploit the 2 way communication and interact with your users.
  4. Reduce SMS cost by providing your users with your own mobile inbox.
  5. Full outsourcing including the publishing and future updates of your app on iTunes, Google Play and AppGallery stores.


  • Customization: customize the messaging app, with your own logo, color text, languages, ...
  • Proprietary and secure: a proprietary encrypted HTTPS / TLS channel on which to transmit encrypted content for maximum security and privacy compliance.
  • Push Notification: deliver real-time updates and reach customers at the right time.
  • Reliable and Instant Delivery: 2x faster delivery of all the messages sent.
  • Read Receipt: track the read status of messages sent to your users.
  • Inbox: access to message history anytime.
  • Send rich media: long text, images, PDF, HTML, custom data.
  • 2 Way Communication: users can reply to your messages or send you a request attaching rich content.
  • SMS fallback: option to resend the message as SMS if push delivery fails.

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Security and privacy



All communication to and from Catapush servers is encrypted using TLS/SSL and you can send encrypted data for maximum security and privacy



Catapush does not centrally store /own/share any info related to your end user customers and related content which remain of your exclusive ownership. Adv free communication.

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