Catapush Architecture

Going beyond native Apple and Google push notifications

Catapush is a reliable push notifications delivery API. Thanks to a standalone push notification gateway, independent of Android FCM and iOS APNs , Catapush maintains own real time messaging background connection with devices using XMPP protocol thus sending push faster and having the ability to deliver messages under critical situations. Catapush let you send push messages to your customer’s phone, even if the application is closed or during mobile connection dropouts ensuring deliverability of important messages and receipts. If notifications are an important part of your real time app you need to go beyond FCM / APNs “best effort” push delivery!

Catapush is the ideal scalable SaaS platform for sending data-driven transactional notifications including targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages. Ideal for building applications that react in real time. In fact Catapush provides detailed delivery information about each single message sent too. You can add delivery tracking to your push messaging including timestamp of message delivered, opened, clicked, etc…

System architecture and components

If you already have an application and subscribers who are already using it, you can use Catapush system to enable sending reliable and fast push messages through your app. You can access Catapush notification gateway using our Restful API. Our solution is currently developed for Android and iOS platforms.

Catapush messaging platform (see figure below) is made up of:

  1. Mobile libraries SDKs for Android and iOSa for push & in app messaging communication
  2. A real time background connection with devices using XMPP protocol (as Whatsapp does) always attempted first
  3. Mobile Push Notifications Gateway which automatically integrates iOS APNs and Android FCM native push notifications services
  4. RESTful API accessible from your application or web site

Sending push messages is quick and simple  

In order to start sending push notifications with Catapush platform you have to:

  1. Integrate our mobile libraries/SDKs in your app
    In a few hours integrate our iOS and Android libraries to enable reliable push notifications and in app messages in your app. Follow the instructions provided by mobile cloud vendors Android FCM, iOS APNs .
  2. Register your application on our web platform
    When done we can connect the push notifications you are sending to the subscribers and the application over which they are subscribed. Subscribers who are using your application have to register in order to receive notifications.
  3. Call our Mobile Push Notification Gateway via Rest API
    Integrating our API into your website or backend system adding reliable push functionality is quick and simple. Just copy and paste our fully working code examples for the most widely used languages, such as PHP and ASP.NET, and in a few minutes you'll be ready to use our API to start sending reliable push notifications. Take a look at our REST Quickstart and learn how to quickly build an application that sends push notifications and in app messages using Catapush REST API.

Powerful features

Catapush mobile notification gateway adds critical features to native push capabilities offered by best effort Android and Apple push services. A background connection with devices using XMPP protocol is always attempted first for superior message delivery and tracking performances, automatic queuing of concurrent messages, single message delivery report status tracking sent all the way back to your service in real time, message expiry time when you want the system to stop retrying to send your push message to an undeliverable recipient and the option to send the message as SMS to reach users for important messages when data connectivity or mobile app is not available.  Finally the system enable to receive request or replies to push messages sent (2Way Communication).

Solid infrastructure 

Catapush system is built upon a reliable and secure cloud messaging platform scaling from one to millions of messages without changing a line of code. Zero maintenance windows and a 99,9% uptime. Data transfers encrypted with TLS/SSL 256 Bits all way through your user app.



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