Catapush Push Messages Quickstart

Sending push messages via the REST API

To send a message you have to send a POST request to the endpoint Every other parameter has to be sent in the BODY as a JSON object.

By using the following visual interface you will be able to review the configuration parameters and create the code needed to send a push notification to your users in a few minutes.

You can personalize every option of the message and then send it trough this interface.

Choose your app:

Your permanent access_token is , you can optionally generate a temporary token through the OAuth2 protocol as described here.

Access your dashboard panel to create your first app.

The request must be authenticated through an access_token ( login or register to get one).


Postman Collection

To test our REST API calls you can download and import the Postman Collection.

Send Push Message via our visual interface

By using our visual tool you will be able to send a push message to your app in a minute.

Change message parameters:

Sending messages via the SOAP API

You can use the SOAP protocol instead of REST to send messages.

For more information about push messages and configuration parameters, see the API documentation.